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Home is where the heart is - by Karen

Home is where the heart is

27 August 1990
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Hey everybody,

I'm Karen, I'm from Holland and I'm 16 years old. I'm trying to work my way around making avatars and banners. :P I graduated last year so now I'm gong to learn on how to become a nurse which I really want badly! :P
Spending my internet time on fanforum, mostly on the Gilmore Girls and Matt Czuchry board but also on the Grey's Anatomy board and the Patrick Dempsey board as well.. I moderate the Matt and Patrick board there, so I can mostly be found there!! *sigh*

Rory and Logan - GG

TV shows I enjoy
Gilmore Girls | Grey's Anatomy | Everwood | One Tree Hill | CSI | CSI:NY | Prison Break | Charmed | Buffy the Vampire Slayer | The OC | Friends | ER | Bones | House | McLeod's Daughters

My fav bunch of Famous actors (TV/MOVIE)
Matt Czuchry | Patrick Dempsey | Alexis Bledel | Lauren Graham | Scott Patterson | Milo Ventimiglia | Ellen Pompeo | Chad Michael Murray | Gregory Smith | Tom Hanks | Mel Gibson | Hugh Laurie | Katherine Heigl | Sophia Bush | Hilarie Burton | Kate Hudson

Meredith and Derek - GA

Music Artists I enjoy
Kelly Clarkson | Simple Plan | Jan Smit | Normaal | Brian Adams | Jimmy Eat World | Roxette | Snow Patrol | The Fray

TV Couples I ship
Rory/Logan (GG) | Lorelai/Luke (GG) | Meredith/Derek (GA) | Izzie/Alex (GA) | Cristina/Burke (GA) | Buffy/Spike (BtVS) | Buffy/Angel (BtVS) | Ephram/Amy (Everwood) | Bright/Hannah (Everwood) | Andy/Nina (Everwood) | Lucas/Peyton (OTH) | Lucas/Brooke (OTH) | Nathan/Haley (OTH) | Summer/Seth (OC) | Ryan/Marissa (OC) | Monica/Chandler (Friends) | Ross/Rachel (Friends) | Temperance/Booth (Bones) | House/Cameron

Meredith and Derek - GA

Maintainer of
mattczuchryfan | sophiestillness | gg_news

That's all I can think of. If you want to know more about me, I've got MSN: shinygilmore@hotmail.com or feel free to visit me at Fanforum or befriend me :)
See ya!

Love, Karen

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